Soundarie David Rodrigo

Soundarie David Rodrigo

Sri Lanka

Our resource speaker is Ms. Soundarie David Rodrigo from Colombo, Sri Lanka. She holds a Masters in Entertainment Law from the University of California, in Berkeley, and pursued her Musical Education at the Royal College of Music in London. She is on the panel of jury for the popular franchised show 'Sri Lanka´s Got Talent.' Soundarie is a sought-after concert pianist, choral director, and music director of the Soul Sounds Academy in Colombo.

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2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Copyright Infringement and Subconscious Copying

Summit Room 2

A requirement in the copyrightability of a work is originality. Original does not mean that the work is not similar to another work but only that the work must be independent creation of the author or creator, that is, it is not copied from another.

In copyright infringement cases, the subconscious copying doctrine states that defendants can be still be held liable even if they believe that they independently created the work. It is sufficient to sustain a case for subconscious copying that the creator of the allegedly infringing work had access to the “subconsciously” copied work. This session explores the topic as it relates to musical works. [infringement]