Rémy Desrosiers

Rémy Desrosiers

Managing Director of SCAPR, the Societies’ Council for the Collective Management of Performers’ Rights

After studying economics and business administration at Paris University, Remy worked in the banking industry for 15 years where he occupied various positions in client relationship development, operations, team, and project management. He joined SCAPR in 2016 as Managing Director with the mission to improve the services rendered to their members’ CMOs and increase the global footprint of the organization.

To answer their members’ needs, Remy and his team are constantly enhancing the existing tools and developing new ones to foster effective cooperation between performers’ CMOs. New partnerships with international organizations are also put in place to promote and maintain a worldwide, cross-border system of collecting and distributing performer royalties that are fair, efficient, accurate, transparent, and continually improving. To do so, SCAPR is notably sending experts to various training and workshops.

To know more about SCAPR, please visit https://www.scapr.org

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