Magali Contardi

Magali Contardi

Magali Contardi is a PhD candidate at the University of Alicante (Spain) who recently joined v the Lider-Lab Institute of the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies (Italy) as Research Fellow in Private Comparative Law where she contributes to the H2020 Project reCreating Europe, aimed to study and rethink EU digital copyright law. She is also an intellectual property (IP) lawyer. Her current research interest lies on the interplay between new technologies and IP, including patentability of AI-generated inventions and copyright protection of AI creativity, robotics and IP as well as international protection of geographical indications, amongst other areas. Magali is research member of the Global Innovation Law and Policy Law group of the University of Alicante. She has been visiting researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition Law (Germany, 2018-2019), and has been invited as IP lecturer at the Catholic University of Santa Fe Argentina Magali has delivered lecturers and talks in conferences in several universities and institutions, including the University of Geneva, University of Antwerp, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, University of Ghent, University of Florence, University of Alicante, and University Luiss Guido Carli in Rome. She also practised as IP attorney in top-tier international law firms in Germany and Italy (2016-2021), served at the International Affairs & legal Department of the European Patent Office (2016), and worked as legal assistant at the Boards of Appeals of the European Union Intellectual Property Office (2015).

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4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Fan Art: Inspiration or Copyright Infringement?

Summit Room 3

Fan art are works created by fans of a work of fiction and are often derived from characters in the latter. There is a thin line that separates when a fan art is merely “inspired” by the original work or when it is copyright infringement. This is a growing trend specially from younger community of artists.

The task of enlightening us on the ramifications of fanart has been given to this duo of international experts who have lectured on and have co-authored numerous publications on this topic.

Moderator: Atty. Janice Tejano [fan-art]