Karen Ocampo Flores

Karen Ocampo Flores

President, Filipino Visual Arts and Design Rights Organization

Ms. Karen Ocampo Flores received her BFA Major in Painting from the University of the Philippines. She is a visual artist, curator and educator. Aside from her work in artists' organisations, multimedia art and fine arts education, she will be administering the SFAD Studio Gallery of the Philippine Women's University- School of Fine Arts and Design as its Curator. The SFAD Gallery will re-open at the start of school year 2014-15 with its expanded and renovated spaces and will host FILVADRO for its advocacy work for visual arts and design copyright.

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11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Performing Arts v. Performance Arts: What is the Difference?


This session is intended as an appreciation course on the difference between performance art and performing arts. There is so much confusion in that most people would consider the two as one and the same when they in fact are not. Performance Art is in the realm of visual arts while performing arts are that – performing arts.

To further bolster what may perhaps be the participants’ first foray into the topic, an art educator and a practitioner have been invited to share their own perspective.

MODERATOR: Karen Ocampo Flores [pavspa]

The Philippine Visual Arts Industry

Visual artists, like other copyright holders, are in a constant struggle for a fairer remuneration for their works. Because of the nature of visual arts as deriving value from that single work (or limited copies), visual artists do not have the opportunity to earn from a reproduction of their works unlike for example a book author. Thus, the right of resale is very important to visual artists.

There is currently no international treaty or instruments that set a standard for the resale rights. The Philippines, on the other hand, is one of several countries with the resale rights in its local law. Whether or not the law is properly implemented is uncertain.

For this reason, CISAC as the international federation of authors’ societies is invited to shed light on the artist and resale rights situation globally. Moreover, an experienced society, the DACS UK, will share practical experience dealing with artist and resale rights in their jurisdiction.