Emmelina C. Masanque

Emmelina C. Masanque

Asst. Division Chief IP Marketing and Communications Division, DITTB

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10:00 am - 11:30 am

From Ideation to Commercialization: Earning from Your Creative Expressions


The intellectual property life cycle is ideation-creation-protection-commercialization. The starting point is generally regarded to be ideation. Although “ideas” are not protected unless and until they have found a specific expression such as an invention or a literary and artistic work, ideation or the creative thinking process is what is what is thought to give rise to creation.

Ideation and creation are enhanced and developed through skills training, workshops and capability building interventions.

In this particular session, we aim to surface examples of the commercialization phase: IP ecology, mascot development and merchandising are just some of the ways by which an author/artists is able to monetize and earn from his work.

Handling this sessions are long-time practitioners in their respective areas and can very well share their experience and lessons learned to the benefit of the participants.

MODERATOR: Emmelina C. Masanque [commercialization]