Edgar Allan C. Yorro

Edgar Allan C. Yorro

Asst. Division Chief Copyright Services Division (CoSDiv), BCRR

Allan has been with the IPOPHL for 20 years and now holds the IPRS IV position in the Copyright Services Division (CSD) of the BCRR. Prior to his transfer in CSD, he worked at the Human Resource Development Division of IPOPHL with focus on Learning and Development. As IPR Specialist in the CSD, he now undertakes initiatives in studies, and policy papers relating to issues on copyright and other related rights

All Sessions by Edgar Allan C. Yorro

10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Early Morning Conversations About Art

Summit Room 2

“Early Morning Conversations About Art” is all about different art forms/methods. It aims to showcase these unique art, which we know are just a few in a country teeming with so much creativity, not to mention vast natural resources and Mother Nature as a source of inspiration. MODERATOR: Edgar Allan C. Yorro [conversations]

Official Launching of the IPOPHL-BCRR Publications

Short discussion on the information products that have been launched by IPOPHL-BCRR in the past two years. [bcrr-pubs]