Dr. Enrico Bonadio

Dr. Enrico Bonadio

Enrico Bonadio is Reader at The City Law School, where he teaches various modules on intellectual property (IP) law. He holds law degrees from the University of Florence (PHD) and the University of Pisa (LLB), and is Associate Editor and Intellectual Property Correspondent of the European Journal of Risk Regulation as well as a member of the Editorial Board of NUART Journal. His current research agenda focuses on copyright protection of unconventional forms of expression, including graffiti and street art. Enrico has recently co-edited the book "Non-Conventional Copyright - Do New and Non-Traditional Works Deserve Protection?" (together with Nicola Lucchi, Elgar 2018); and edited the "Cambridge Handbook of Copyright in Street Art and Graffiti" (Cambridge University Press, 2019).

All Sessions by Dr. Enrico Bonadio

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Fan Art: Inspiration or Copyright Infringement?

Summit Room 3

Fan art are works created by fans of a work of fiction and are often derived from characters in the latter. There is a thin line that separates when a fan art is merely “inspired” by the original work or when it is copyright infringement. This is a growing trend specially from younger community of artists.

The task of enlightening us on the ramifications of fanart has been given to this duo of international experts who have lectured on and have co-authored numerous publications on this topic.

Moderator: Atty. Janice Tejano [fan-art]