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Cris Dumlao

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Mascot Development

5:35 pm - 5:55 pm

Official Launching of the BCRR Mascot

Mascots can be powerful visual promoters of a product or service, including an agency of government.

The Japan Copyright Office has, for example, entered into an agreement with Sanrio, the owner of Hello Kitty, for the use of the character in their copyright campaigns and advocacies. The Japan Customs Bureau has a dog for a mascot. Elsewhere, the Korea Copyright Commission also has changugi and nanumi as their mascots.

It is the above models which inspired the creation of a mascot for the Bureau of Copyright. At development, the mascot shall become the new face of the Bureau. As a newly constituted office, the aid of a mascot to drive recognition and better recall of the bureau is definitely most welcome.

The launch will be occasioned with the presentation by the consultants on the process that it had undergone together with the Bureau in the development of the mascot. The BCRR may throw in a word or two on its perspective and experience, as well as the lessons learned from such experience. [mascot]