Catherine Hernandez

Catherine Hernandez

Annatto Artist

Catherine is a resourceful, innovative and committed artist with a reputation for making unique paintings in a variety of mediums. She specializes in producing artistic content for multiple distribution channels. She had developed “Annatto Art”, using Atsuete pigment as her medium. She is driven to create world-class art and her exceptional painting skills ensure that her work is always of the highest quality, truly an innovator and explorer, indeed drifting away from the regular materials. She is dedicated to her own personal development as an artist and teacher as well and keeps her conceptual knowledge up to date by attending seminars and participating in professional societies.

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Annato Art: An Introduction

“Annato” is the English word for “achuete/atsuete.” In particular, it refers to the orange-red coloring derived from the seeds. While many of us have known “annatto” within the confines of our kitchens for cooking, this lady artist has found artistic use for the plant. From the kitchen to the studio – certainly an interesting transition.