In micro blading microblade eyebrow pen, this whole story brow microblading pen.Oh yeah, it’s taken some time but we’re um.So I graduated college 2012, I’m here in Chicago, um where I’m at currently and I went to school for psychology and I knew since I was.And I believe eighth grade I wanted to do occupational therapy, so, um I I graduated with my bachelor’s in psychology with a focus on occupational therapy, you know I knew that I had to get my master’s afterwards after school, but while I was in college I joined the air force, my family told me you know we can’t pay for college better figure out something so. The only option really was military since they cover some of your expenses, um.So because it was just.Such a demanding, um, no activity and part of school I put most of my focus on it because I don’t wanna be yelled at in front of everybody you know in the squad, so I ended up not doing so well in school, so I just kind of through occupation, occupational therapy at the window.Well I didn’t do well whatever I’ll find something else to do so I worked at bars and bartenders and wait, you know was a waitress, my dad’s friend called and I was like hey and I was looking for a corporate job. Would love to bring our perfect.You made some money, it was downtown Chicago was great I was there for a year we ended up finding out that it was.They were doing some you know good things a bit shady, um, but with that I was able to have about four months off work.I was on unemployment, so definitely a down not good time in my life, because I didn’t know what I wanted to do and didn’t do well enough in school to continue. A I like my waitress forever I I didn’t know.So I’ve always somehow been naturally good with makeup, I’m so I decided to start getting back into that and I shadowed some artists here in Chicago and just help them out and assisted.I’m just wrap some random day on Facebook because I’m always on my social media I happen to see a status about this girl and she’s like hey you know we’re hiring at this makeup counter, you know if anybody’s interested and so I messaged her and I got the information. I went in for interviews later I got hired with Mac cosmetics I never thought literally for months prior would be working at a makeup counter on Michigan avenue.Literally I got the call and I cry because I’m like but it’s just crazy how things work out you know one thing ends but so something else can start up now so.You know I started working with Mac I was there for six months and honestly working at the retail counter, it’s a good stepping stone for anybody, that’s gonna get into some type of beauty business, you’ve got a client relationships you learn different skin tones, you learn how to talk to people about their features, how to enhance them.I’m.Just all the things that come with building a business you know you can start and learn there, so I decided to take.That too Miami, um, and so I moved to Miami 2015 I worked at a couple makeup counters and account manager for our cosmetics.Um, and during that time.A I started getting my lashes done.And so.I you know I asked the girl like man she charged me 150 bucks for these lashes, I mean how many people do you do a day about six I’m just adding up those numbers like that sounds like some really good money, teach me so I learned I was able to quit my job three weeks later for some retail, um.How I got started with the clients was just posting on social media Instagram doing all of the hash tags in the world of lashes, Miami lashes this and I was doing a discounted rate because I needed pictures and.And things like that so.Um, you know I got my models I was doing them literally in my bedroom in my apartment, okay is is, that’s how I started and zen during that time I learned about micro blading and I was like I’ve had like browse my life, I’ve been filling in since I was thirteen I was that girl that wouldn’t play sports go swimming because of my eyebrows, hmm.The whip got the micro bladed I had a terrible botch job tons of scarring underneath and I learned from that example.I learned what not to do right and so again that.Horrible incident really built me for for you know how I am now with my business so.I decided to take a micro blading class or yeah, of course three day course I believe a june 2000.Seventeen right so it’ll be two years coming up this june hmm and I’m.And so.I entered the class I found out that I’m not going to be able to do micro blading in my bedroom, you know so I had to take it seriously and so I went on craigslist and I typed in micro waiting rooms for rent found one.You know started doing three months at a time which I think really helped me to call my anxiety that OK it doesn’t work out after three months. It’s fine yeah but it’s still a commitment it was still a commitment because you had a commitment I was so scared but you know what jumping into it pushed me to continue and it pushed me to work harder, yeah, and that was your first like entrepreneurial effort, yes, why did you why did you have that craving of doing like you know why did you feel like.Um, I’m gonna leave my retail job and jump on this thing that could or could not work out like how, how did you come to those decisions.I was such a different person I was so unhappy with.Retail and I’m telling you every day I would cry almost before going to work and I knew that I never wanted to be in that position again.And I was like if you don’t want to go back to retail you have to do this, you have to practice four hours a day.Micro blading is like working out you know it’s like a muscle, you don’t want to get out, you’re not gonna you’re not gonna be up to par.SO.Just knowing that I didn’t want to go backwards and I’m already seeing all these different roles I had to jump in and I knew you know what if after three months it didn’t work, if my life isn’t over, you know, but how else will I know if I’m gonna be good at it, if I didn’t just try it. Perfect zat make you unhappy, though, why did that job make you feel like you didn’t want to be yeah.It was so.Slow paced I was working at all harbour shops, um, you know so it’s very it’s very uppity and super high on people go there it’s very high-end.And I was bored, it wasn’t jogging, my creative side and that’s what I love hmmm I wasn’t getting that client. You know, um interaction because nobody was there ever and I crave that and because that wasn’t happening I was becoming really sad person and just.Regretting things I’m starting to really push away from makeup I stopped wearing makeup because I was sick of it, you know I just wasn’t having good relationships with people I was presenting moving to Miami, I’m like this is not me.This guy have to get out of here and it’s the best thing I ever did.Although. I you know started not liking it after a couple years I looking back now.It’s what I had to do to be where I’m at now I had to start there and learned those little skills.You know before I could even be in business now and so it is crazy how things all add up, and you have to realize that that wasn’t what you wanted to you know being a being an employee necessarily didn’t satisfy your creativeness, because if you know I’ve noticed that for people who want to do this there’s like.Um, a defining thing, if there’s one defining thing, it has to be that you just need to be constantly stimulated, you know and like and and when you are an entrepreneur, it’s such a it’s such a like crazy ride, you don’t know what’s gonna happen and the fact that you don’t know what’s gonna happen is more stimulating, and I guess more fun than knowing that at the end of the month, you have you know a five or 3000 Dollar paycheck waiting right.You, you can’t settle for just knowing yeah be all up in it and be working and having that hustle it’s exciting, it is exciting, the first.You know few months was was tough definitely because you know trying to find models and also trying to advance my skill and you know like oh my gosh, how am I going to pay this month’s rent how am I gonna do this.