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10:00 am - 12:00 pm Summit Room 1

LIKHAIN PILIPINAS: Towards Creatives Digitalization

Digital Art

Richer Fernandez Richer Fernandez
Christelle Arroyo Christelle Arroyo
Oliver Oliveros Oliver Oliveros
10:00 am - 12:00 pm Summit Room 2

Early Morning Conversations About Art

“Early Morning Conversations About Art” is all about different art forms/methods. It aims to showcase these unique art, which we know are just a few in a country teeming with so much creativity, not to mention vast natural resources and Mother Nature as a source of inspiration. MODERATOR: Edgar Allan C. Yorro [conversations]
Edgar Allan C. Yorro Edgar Allan C. Yorro

Dance Art Fusion

Dance and Art Fusion peeks into the experience of an artist and a choreographer as he blends and integrates one to the other.
Victor G. Ursabia Victor G. Ursabia

Syringe Art/Clinton Museum of Baguio

As people lined up to get vaccinated, one important instrument that they have grown familiar with - and I am sure will not fail to notice – is the syringe. But who would have thought that syringe can have other purposes, more so in the creative arts. Thus, syringe art is unique and relevant to the times and deserves a space for showcase during the 1st PICS.
Clinton Aniversario Clinton Aniversario

Annato Art: An Introduction

“Annato” is the English word for “achuete/atsuete.” In particular, it refers to the orange-red coloring derived from the seeds. While many of us have known “annatto” within the confines of our kitchens for cooking, this lady artist has found artistic use for the plant. From the kitchen to the studio – certainly an interesting transition.
Catherine Hernandez Catherine Hernandez

Illustrators Workshop

A workshop on illustration led by Ilustrador ng Kabataan(INK) a group of illustrators for children’s books.
Jomike Tejido Jomike Tejido
10:00 am - 11:00 am Plenary

Copyright 101 and Photojournalism

Photographs are protected by copyright. And the copyright belong to the photographer, except under an employer-employee relationship where copyright ownership is with the employer. Such is the case of a photojournalist. This delicate situation has once again been surfaced in the recent Agence France Press (AFP) controversy.

On the other hand, the freedom of panorama, is an exception to the exclusive right of a copyright holders. There is no freedom of panorama provision in the Philippine copyright law and this fact is pointed to as the reason why many Philippine photographs of public structures are reportedly are redacted on Wikimedia.

MODERATOR: Rene Misa [copyright-photo]
Rene B. Misa Rene B. Misa

Copyright for Photographs: Freedom of Panorama

Atty. Chuck Valerio Atty. Chuck Valerio

Travel and Photography

Atty. Jose Antonio Aliling Atty. Jose Antonio Aliling

News and Photojournalism

Raffy Lerma Raffy Lerma
11:00 am - 12:00 pm Plenary

Performing Arts v. Performance Arts: What is the Difference?

This session is intended as an appreciation course on the difference between performance art and performing arts. There is so much confusion in that most people would consider the two as one and the same when they in fact are not. Performance Art is in the realm of visual arts while performing arts are that – performing arts.

To further bolster what may perhaps be the participants’ first foray into the topic, an art educator and a practitioner have been invited to share their own perspective.

MODERATOR: Karen Ocampo Flores [pavspa]
Karen Ocampo Flores Karen Ocampo Flores

Performance Art from the perspective of a Performing Arts Practitioner

Jef Carnay Jef Carnay

Performance Art from the perspective of an Art Educator

Noel Soler Cuizon Noel Soler Cuizon
10:00 am - 12:00 pm Summit Room 3

Buildings and Structures: Architecture and Copyright

Buildings and structures are copyrighted works. The discussion will focus on the various fact of architecture as a profession. The two hour session will come in six parts:

Moderator: Atty. Dulce Punzalan [architecture]
Atty. Dulce Punzalan Atty. Dulce Punzalan

EVOLUTION: 100 Years of the Architecture Profession in the Philippines

Arch. Gerard Rey A. Lico PhD Arch. Gerard Rey A. Lico PhD

Relevant Laws and Regulations on Architecture and Copyright

Arch. Joselito Francisco Arch. Joselito Francisco

ARKIEDUCATION: Challenges and Opportunities

Arch. ENP Anthony Demin Sarmiento Arch. ENP Anthony Demin Sarmiento
Arch. Jocelyn Lutap Arch. Jocelyn Lutap

“BERDE: Green Buildings, Global Practice and the UN SDGs”

Arch. Miguel Angelo S. Manosa Arch. Miguel Angelo S. Manosa
Rowena Elayda Rowena Elayda

(BASE Bahay) – Standardization and Building Climate Smart Homes for Communities Affected by Calamities and Pandemic.

Engr. Luis Felipe Lopez Engr. Luis Felipe Lopez

“ARKIVISM: Bayanhihan Architecture and Social Change”

Arch. Jed Michael de Guzman Arch. Jed Michael de Guzman

Empowering Rural Women Through Bamboo Architecture through Murals & Volunteerism

Arch. ENP Ma. Lourdes “Joy” Martinez- Onozawa Arch. ENP Ma. Lourdes “Joy” Martinez- Onozawa

ARKIFUTURE: Pathways in the Post Pandemic Scenario

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Lunch Break - Copyright Fastbreak

1 hour free consultation on basic IP Related Issues and Concerns via Zoom

1:00 pm - 3:30 pm Plenary

PH-Korea Copyright Forum

The Annual PH-Korea Copyright Forum is the product of the Memorandum of Understanding inked between the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) and the Korea Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST) about 10 years ago.

In-country fora are held in order to share country experiences and best practices in the area of copyright and related rights. Over the last 10 years, the forum has discussed topics ranging from the 4th Industrial Revolution to Copyright in the Digital Environment to Copyright Infringement and Enforcement.
Moderator: Sam Oh [ph-kr-coop]
Sam Oh Sam Oh

Opening Speech

Young Jin CHOI Young Jin CHOI

Welcoming Speech

Atty. Nelson P. Laluces Atty. Nelson P. Laluces

Congratulatory Speech

ByungGoo Choi ByungGoo Choi
Atty. Rowel S. Barba Atty. Rowel S. Barba

Korea Celebratory Performance

Topic 1: The growth and development of the copyright industry in both countries

JaeGon Jeong JaeGon Jeong
Atty. Emerson G. Cuyo Atty. Emerson G. Cuyo

Topic 2: Understanding and sharing of the development of the Korean copyright industry; Focusing on cases of companies using copyright

Speakers from the Korean content industry: Kakao Entertainment
KwakTae Jung KwakTae Jung
HoJun Lee HoJun Lee
Paolo Alessandro Herras Paolo Alessandro Herras

Question and Answer

JinKeun Jeong JinKeun Jeong

Closing Remarks

Atty. Emerson G. Cuyo Atty. Emerson G. Cuyo
3:30 pm - 5:00 pm Plenary

Copyright and Digital Developments: The Global Debate on Non-Fungible Tokens

The popularity of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) has seen an unprecedented rise during the pandemic. The staggering price at which NFTs are sold and traded all the more contributed to the growing interest in this subject. Because it is most associated with digital art and other literary and artistic works, how it interfaces with copyright is a question that will inevitably had to be asked.

This is IPOPHL-BCRR’s first ever webinar on the topic. By inviting the foremost authorities on the topic of NFTs copyright, we hope to start on the path towards unravelling the seemingly very technical world of NFTs. Moreover, we have invited our own “kababayan” whose passion saw the launch of what is regarded as the first music NFT release in the country to share on his practical experience.

MODERATOR: Atty. Daniel S. Hofileña [nft]
Atty. Daniel S. Hofileña Atty. Daniel S. Hofileña

Copyright and NFTs

Michele Woods Michele Woods

All About NFTs: A Closer Look

Dr. Andres Guadamuz Dr. Andres Guadamuz

NFTs Issues and Concerns: A Filipino Investor’s Perspective

Geoff Daniel Mabasa Geoff Daniel Mabasa
5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Spoken Word Performance

According to, spoken word poetry is a word-based performance art where speakers engage in powerful self-expression by sharing their views on particular topics for a live audience, focusing on sound and presentation.

Consistent with the theme and objective of the Summit, this performance aims to shine the spotlight on spoken word poetry as an art and the existing “collectives” or groups. They will be performing on the topics of life, love and society. [spoken-word]
Roan Mendoza Roan Mendoza
Paul La Torre Paul La Torre
Martin Grey Martin Grey
Marc Daniell Marc Daniell
Joe Stone Joe Stone
Elijah Santos Elijah Santos
Lance Abellon Lance Abellon
7:00 pm

Popcorn and Kleig Lights: Movie Dates @ the Summit

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