In a more mature bull market, inflation can start to become a problem. As the Fed begins to tighten or raise interest rates to combat inflation, credit starts to dry up and lending slows down. Noncyclical, defensive sectors such as healthcare, consumer staples, and utilities, and energy tend to do relatively well in a recession and trough. Consumer spending makes up roughly two thirds of GDP, so consumer spending activity has a huge impact on the business cycle.

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  • Real estate and financials are a good example of this today, where they are positioned for growth versus in 2009, where they were definitely not positioned for growth!
  • Examples of this are short-term changes in output and employment.
  • But the Keynesian theory of multiplier alone does not offer a full and satisfactory expla­nation of the trade cycles.
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  • Today though, the largest world’s car firms are Toyota-Lexus and the Volkswagen group.

Peter teaches and performs statistical research with a focus on advanced statistical methods, regression analysis, multivariate analysis, mathematical statistics, and data mining. He specializes in using statistics in investing, technical analysis, and trading. Along the same vein, a deep trough is called a slump or a depression. The difference between a recession and a depression is critical, though it is not always well-understood by non-economists. Political uncertainty creates fear among the business community which prevents or delays investment.

Some businesses will be “build to flip,” i.e., going quickly from the startup stage to exit the stage. At the same time, others will choose to steer clear of expansion and continue in the established stage. It is too easy to relax on the success at this stage of the life cycle; the market is persistent, and competition is cutthroat.

Determining The Business Cycle

As Table 1 suggests, to date, the boom and bust pattern is predictable, but has proven unavoidable. Since World War II, the median length of a recession has been auto wreckers in abbotsford 10 months and the median cumulative contraction in output has been 2% of GDP. Two recessions, those beginning in 1973 and 1981, were unusually long. The 1981 recession followed a brief recession that had ended a year earlier; these two recessions are sometimes referred to collectively as the “double dip” recession.

What Is The Most Important Step In The Accounting Cycle?

In this stage, the business has a streamlined process in place, and the revenue and profits are at their peak. Typically, this is when the business becomes a cash cow, and companies usually spend a large portion of their existence in this stage. Get a weekly email of our pros’ current thinking about financial markets, investing strategies, and personal finance. At nearly 3 years on average, the mid-cycle tends to be longer than any other phase and is also when most market corrections have taken place. No single category of investments has outperformed the broader market more than half of the time during the mid-cycle.


Prior to the formation of the Committee, from 1949 to 1978, recession start and end dates were determined on behalf of the NBER by Dr. Geoffrey H. Moore. He then served as the Committee’s senior member from 1979 until his death in 2000. What this does is create more funds for consumers and businesses to spend elsewhere. In turn, this increases consumer demand and business investment in the long run. Business confidence may increase because of growing consumer demand, or a reduction in uncertainty.

An individual will always possess the free will to follow the crowd or strike out with his own independence to buck the trend. There will be those who believe in the business cycle and use it to their advantage just as there will be those who refuse to acknowledge its existence. As long as not everyone believes, the cycle will exist forever. The regularity of the business cycle is not determined by man alone; for within its deep calculations resides the very heart of nature itself. For now, it is more likely that the politics will continue to act in the opposite direction of the cycle adding to its intensity and enhancing its volatility. Perhaps I have been an evangelist seeking to point out that the economy is like a rain forest – destroy one species and it will ripple through the entire system.

Preventing expansions from generating inflation is also important since once inflation gets started, high unemployment is usually necessary to bring it back down. However, when it comes to the economy, most people prefer a smooth ride with very few dips. It would be much easier to plan for the future if recessions were easy to predict, but they are not. The Federal Reserve has a role to play in smoothing the rough spots out of the business cycle. The Fed uses its monetary policy tools to promote maximum employment and price stability in the economy. In other words, the Federal Reserve attempts to take some of the dips out of the economic ride to produce a smoother business cycle.

The increase or decrease in interest rates can either make the economy grow or fall. Based on these interest rates, it can be either expensive or affordable for borrowers including commoners, organizations and government. Another approach by Keynes is of the view that the fluctuations made in aggregate market demand due to inconsistency and volatile demands for investment play a significant role in causing economic cycles.

Industry Life Cycle

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